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Monday, July 02, 2018

He's back..

"If you have the choice of going to Japan for a job, but I am unable to.. would you still go?"

This made me think on so many levels.. the US in decision making.. the joy and satisfaction of a job.. the conflict between the two.. and ultimately, is it a for you or for me or for us.

So the question begs.. will our independency become a stumbling block?
Evidently, the past few months have been a "going back to being an individual" journey.. which perhaps is why he being back means so much more than just being happy that we're reunited.

Dependency is something to relearn..
Being vulnerable is something to be okay with again..
and having little joys, well, that's more than enough.. =P

One week late, but.. two years down the road.. I'm glad it's him.. (I couldn't believe it was two years.. it felt so short...)

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Recently i watched the movie Schindler's list.. I'm not sure what possessed me to watch a movie that is nearly 4hours long, especially in this season when Term 3 is super hectic.. but i guess since it was one of the rare days that I didn't have stuff on at night, i decided to watch a movie. And since I;m a history nerd wannabe, i went for this. (little did i know it was 4hrs long.. lol...)

But I'm surprised to say, i thoroughly "enjoyed" the movie. It brought to life so much about what I've learnt about the Holocaust.. It brought more insights about how life is like to be a Jew living in those times.. It brought added nuances to the fact that every life experience during Nazi Germany is so dynamic. The fears of the Jewish people as they went into a room seemingly to be gassed when they first arrived at Auschwitz, only to be so relieved they were merely being showered to cleanse themselves.. or the relief that the concentration camp health screening went well for them and thinking they will not be sent to the extermination camp, only to be horrified to see their children towed in trucks leaving the camp away from their protection as the adults finished the health screening. It's.. so real...

Plus my Uni education served me well in the sense of film analysis. I've always respected directors who are able to capture the realistic or emotive thoughts of the characters, or allowing the story to unfold in such a way by playing with the lighting, sound, foreground background, moving to still imaging and so on.. Steven Spielberg did it with this movie. I bet many have already commented on the black and white shooting, with the only contrast of the red girl who reflected the change in Schindler from a war profiteer to a Jewish protector.. but it just tells me how one girl/life can change someone..

Up until the end, when Schindler cried out, "I should have done more"... It also made me reflect upon how God uses such a person to protect His people. A Nazi party member.. the unlikeliest of the unlike to be the one who liberated thousands of Jews.. It's really amazing how God can use even someone who doesn't believe in Him to do His will.. what more, us?

Just some thoughts..
I'd love to do more film analysis.. but that would mean i have to watch it again and again.. and alas.. time, is not a luxury that I have at the moment..

Though watching Schindler's List gave me a tension headache for a few days.. I'm glad I'm able to bring it to class and share with my students about how history is real.. It's about human experience.. and see one student writing the name of the movie now (perhaps intending to watch it?) >.<!

Monday, January 01, 2018

I was doing up the SOW for some work when suddenly i heard screams and claps and fireworks.. I checked the time and it was 12am. Woohoo! Happy New Year!

While I could berate the fact that i'm doing work through the new year, i thought of penning down my thoughts. Therefore, here i am, typing away in my long neglected blog.

What do i remember most about 2017? Honestly, i can't even pinpoint. And if you ask me, it's not what we remember, it's what we want to remember. I could say that the year has been a year of change for me etc etc, but it's really what we want to remember out of the year, isn't it? Not that it's anything wrong, of course, it's just interesting to see and read others' posts about how their year has been in one post, when to me, each day or season is a precious stage of life as we grow older.

This afternoon (or rather ytd afternoon) Seng asked me what i was thankful for, i gave it a thought and replied, "I'm thankful for life." It was the same reply when i was asked to share what i was thankful for in previous years. Life is precious. It's because of life that we get to experience different things every day. It's because we are able to breath, that we have emotions, that we have 5 senses, to be able to cry, laugh, love. It's because of this life that God has given to us, that we are able to live this life in this year.

While i may not be able to pinpoint exactly how 2017 has been, and i'm not really keen on doing it either, I'm willing to say that this past 10 minutes thinking retrospectively and thanking God in my heart while typing this.. is a great way to start the new year. =D

Sunday, July 23, 2017

We're building upon something solid, something firm. For the future, and for the next generation.

It's a start, but i'm thankful for it.. Because without the start, where will it end?

Leaders' Advance had me going all the way to Changi, which is a totally different world, but i'm still thankful to how everything worked out in the end. and ofc! good food at Changi Village! or Tampines!

What's more important was how we were able to see the next step forward, and while we can't predict how DI will be like, we've got a lot to work on, especially with our future leaders. So i'm glad we included them, and i can't wait to see more... because their dynamics and ours are so different.. but yet, somehow, amidst their uncertainty, i know God is faithful.. =))

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cup noodle!!!! interesting flavour.. although i couldn't exactly rmb what i asked the staff to put in, but this is my very own cup noodle! yummmmmssss... no regrets there.. especially the cheese ball.. it melts together with the noodle!! whhheee!!

School just started, and i'm already feeling tired.. lol! perhaps my engine has not really started yet, but i need to get it started soon. back to work guurrrlll!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

It's pretty cool that my dad and Seng has birthday almost a week apart.. just like how my mom and Jie's birthday is like. lololol.. it's interesting because while i went to the horse ranch last week, i got another new experience this week.. watching seng play soccer and eating steak and fries.. lol...

Interesting how when you could actually watch someone do something he really likes.. or just being thankful that you are participating in it.. hmm..

Tanjong Pagar really has a lot of cafe and korean food places.. but L'entrecote/steak and fries is quite nice actually. i'm no steak fan, but i could tell the steak was different from normal.. and the portion is hugggeeee, with free flow fries (that perked Seng up a lot lol)

Saturday, July 01, 2017

went to coney island with da family!! didn't exactly go deep into the island though, cus we went quite late..

But it was an interesting birthday celebration with my family, since it was the first time that i actually stayed in a horse ranch. it's just a small one at punggol, so i bet it is nothing like how a western horse ranch will be like. Nevertheless, it was a good getaway before school officially starts. =))

I like the fact that we took things slowly.. and was able to just chill and relax.. XD..